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Name: Word Slider
Description: Word Slider is a word search puzzle that lets you slide letters around the board. The goal is to make the largest words you can out of the letters available. The game ends when you run out of letters.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1104

Word Slider

Name: Paths
Description: A unique and challenging puzzle game with a simple mission: navigate a shiny orb to a goal. You will encounter twisting paths, traveling portals, and bouncing bumpers along the way. Feel free to create your own levels and share them in the message boards found at sparkyTheFish.com!

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1110


Name: Self-expansion
Description: The favorite game of the 2007 Puzzle World Champion. A puzzle game developed based on a scientific model of human thinking. Connect pieces by rotating and dragging.

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 886


Name: Batman 1 Jigsaw Puzzle
Description: Batman 1 jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 897

Batman 1 Jigsa

Name: Dream House Escape
Description: This is a Chinese point and click type escape the rooms game by T34 from Flash512.com. In this game, you are trapped in a house and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the house. Good luck and have fun!

Category: Puzzles
Number of Times Played: 1029

Dream House Es

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